Hear my Song

„Hear my Song“ am 24. und 25. März 2012, um 20 Uhr, im Festsaal der Pratergalerien, Riesenradplatz 4, 1020 Wien

Besides strictly classical projects, Chanda has a great deal of experience working with musical theatre students and professionals.

One of her latest projects involved preparing, coaching, and then performing (with a jazz ensemble – drums, bass, and electric violin) a show featuring the works of Jason Robert Brown in Vienna’s “Pratergallerie” in March, 2012.

Additionally, Chanda continues to regularly coach vocal students and ensembles through two musical schools in Vienna: the Performing Center Austria, and the Broadway Connection.

Leading Team
Regie und Buch: Jürgen Kapaun
Musikalische Leitung & Arrangements: Marie Landreth
Choroegraphie: Sabine Arthold
Dance Captain: Franziska Fröhlich, Claudia Artner

Klavier: Chanda Vander Hart
Schlagzeug: Franz Hofferer
Bass: Gabor Farkas
Violine: Michael Guttierez

Claudia Artner, Franziska Fröhlich, Aline Herger, Judith Jandl, Peter Knauder, Angelika Ratej, Jakob Semotan, Jasmin Shah Ali, Anetta Szabo, Gloria Veit

Verwendete Songs
– On the deck of a Spanish Ship („Songs For A New World“)
– The New world („Songs For A New World“)
– Just One Step („Songs For A New World“)
– What it means to be a friend („13“)
– Do it alone („Parade“)
– And I will follow you („Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes“)
– Grow old with me („Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes“)
– The River Won’t Flow („Songs For A New World“)
– Brand New You („13“)
– Pretty Music („Parade“)
– King of the World („Songs For A New World“)
– Dreaming wide awake („Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes“)
– Mr. Hopalong Heartbreak („Urban Cowboy“)
– You don’t know the man („Parade“)
– Flying home („Songs For A New World“)
– Hear My Song („Songs For A New World“)