I Hate Music… but I like to Sing!

A Recital of Love Songs by soprano Russalina Mochukova and Chanda VanderHart

Yes, the relationship between musicians and the world of music is a complicated one.  What began as a simple passion soon develops into long hours of practice, audition stress, constant criticism and long hours of travel, all for the love of the concert performance and the applause of the audience.

Despite these frustrations, and maybe even because of them, we singers and pianists keep on making music together.  Are we crazy?  Obsessed?  Or is it just because music itself is so brilliantly beautiful that we cannot help ourselves?

Whatever the reason, this illness is somehow universal.  “I hate music” celebrates this tumultuous relationship with music; this complicated, frustrating and often irritating passion that keeps all true musicians constantly striving for perfection. In five languages, Russian, French, English, Italian and Spanish, some of the most expressive, humorous and beautiful art songs about love in all its diversity are explored, celebrated, and dedicated to whoever will listen.  Through “I Hate Music” we remind ourselves, as well as our audience, what fun it can be to do what we, musicians, love to do.


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Download the complete program, including songs lyrics with translations here:

I Hate Music program